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When we walked before the church in May of 2006 to surrender our lives to mission work, it was an exciting day.  I felt the peace that passeth all understanding that day. 

Birthday: June 18
Jim was saved & baptized at Bible Baptist Church in Lawrence Ks. He graduated from the church education course at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri, in 1986. Following graduation he married Sybil Gott on May 24th 1986.  

Together they have served in the bus and children's ministry at Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri for the last 20 years.  Jim was ordained in October 1999.   

Jim later received a MACM from the BBC Graduate School in 2002 while serving as the Children's Pastor at Cherry Street.  After leading several mission teams on trips to various mission works around the world, God spoke to them about giving their lives to be foreign missionaries. 

In May of 2006 Jim & Sybil surrendered to go to Kenya as church planters. They will team up with Richard & Ole Konnerup, veteran missionaries in Nairobi Kenya. They were approved on experience as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries in May 2007.  They have 3 wonderful kids.